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I never said the civilian employee had no responsibility in this, nor did I suggest that she was a Corrections Officer! For your information security staff may not run the industry programs, they are run by civilian staff however there is security staff in the physical area or location of the program! Neither did I imply nor was I blaming Corrections Officers, I am fully aware of the job at hand. I was simply stating that there was more to this story than just this female “falling in love” as some obviously clueless have suggested. You can blame the Gov. if you like, but there are many others at Clinton CF that apparently dropped the ball!! Corrections Officers are paid to deal with murderers, rapists etc on a daily basis, so what is there to hear about? That’s what they sign on for when they take the job!! I never said that CO’s don’t do a good job. they absolutely do. Furthermore I do know the abuses they put up with at times, but apparently in this case 99.9999% was not good enough!! There are many others in the department that need to be held responsible. Please give me a break if Administration wants to move an inmate they can do an administrative motive that can be justified for what it was… threat to security, but they just need to leave a paper trail so if the inmate does try to sue they are protected. If Administrators made security decisions based on inmate law suits they might as well give them all keys!!!!